Wednesday, May 28, 2008

liz + pepsi fairfield e shoot

The second shoot of our Memorial Day Weekend Shooting Bonanza included the lovely Liz and dashing Pepsi showing us a crazy good time! I knew it was going to be fun when they suggested we shoot at Archie Moore's... known for their delicious wings! My mouth is watering just typing this.... So I was all over this, as was Mike, big shocker that the two of us would be excited about starting off a shoot with wings and beers!! Huh.
And yes, comment on about the irony of the fact that Pepsi is called Pepsi and Archie Moore's is COVERED in Coke stuff! Go on! Do it! I am a dope, I can admit this freely and when I actually sat there and realized this I busted out laughing at how dumb I am! Pepsi is such a good sport and laughed openly at me as well, it's not hard to do!
OK, the best part? He WORKS at Pepsi too! Really! OK now I will move on.

But seriously? Those wings were SOOOOO yummy....! Just look at 'em

On our way to the train station there was this wall, right? Right? RIGHT!!! Very cool! OK so I was laying on the ground to get a shot and on my way up banged myself in the face, like, really really hard and gave myself a black eye! Honest! And yes Mike caught a shot of it. It STILL hurts! And, no I am not talking about the shame of being caught doing something so stupid. I am referring to my eye. thank you for your concern.

I am starting to feel train-obsessed like my little guy Jack! I love incorporating trains in my shots! Again, it's how I bring my blog stats up by getting Jack to read my blog!

I think I may have figured out my flare recipe, smaller apertures give me these super crazy hexagon shapes and a more wide open lens gives me the kind you see a bit further down on the beach.... I think.... I am sure the angle of the sun also plays a part but those are the two consistent technical factors involved. Sorry I'm getting all scientific on you now! The lens that yields the best flare for me is my 50mm 1.4 Nikon lens. Although I did get some crazy stuff with my 14-24 2.8 nano glass hoo ha crazy lens from Nikon that I got for my D3... so put that in your pipe and shoot into the sun with it!

Blue blue blue skies...

See? This is the crazy little shape I lectured on earlier, I like it.

There is something about putting the sun right THERE, smack in their faces that really appeals to me- keeps that anonymity thing going on that I dig, like see/ it could be YOU in this shot, just picture it! Go on! Yes, I could get them perfectly rimmed with light and yes you could see all of the detail etc. but here I wanted to do something different and I think it works nicely!

We all braved the cold water for the sake of cool shots. Yes, I was in the water too!

I really loved the sand bar texture and wanted to try something a little different here

And you have to shoot on the life guard tower! Especially with all of these clouds....

Mike and I are really looking forward to your St. Clement's wedding (so that Mike could get all teary eyed re-living his own wedding there!) and the traditional Laotian Ceremony the night before, that should be really cool!!

Thanks guys for a great time!

Mike also posted some incredible shots, you can check them out HERE


Robert J. Trenske said...

Carla these shots are really nice, you were right on my turf and didnt even let me know :). I would of loved to say hi! It is so funny, I have an engagement session coming up and they mentioned that they wanted to go around the Archie Moore area as well as the Fairfield Theater Company. We go to Archie Moore's all the time, the Coke signs all over the place are so much fun and of course the wings really rock. Nice job!

Val McCormick Photography said...

I'm Hungry...Thanks Carla :-) Those are all really cool shots. I really dig the shot of the sandbar. Awesome texture. You Rock!

Orchard Cove Photography said...

This looks like a fun shoot. I've been working on my flare - interesting that different lenses yield different results - I just got a 1.4 so I'll have to try it with that. I call you now...miss you too much!!

Robin Dini Photography said...

love love love the hand shot in the coke bottle is my favorite. smokin' stuff on that eye of yours though....ouch! he he.

Tony Spinelli Photography said...

I looked at the 1st pic before dinner and my stomach let out a huge growl. I'm a sucker for wings!
Your images are amazing. That 1st sun glare shot is sweet.

Beyond The Lens Photography said...

What's not to love Carla!!!!! That hexagon lens flare is craziness...and the way it landed on him...KickA$$....I also really like the one of their lower halves on the beach...what am I talking...they all rock!!!

Bob Sylvia said...

This is awesome! The guys and I go to Archies all the time after work. I love that you shot there. The photo against the FTC wall is fantastic!!