Thursday, May 22, 2008

jeff reilly + becky's rehersal dinner at the Owenego

Miss Becky couldn't look more smitten if she tried

That Joe Reilly... is one emotional, wonderful Dad!

Jeff's sister Stacy and her Dad had such a sweet moment... I was torn between shooting it and going over and rubbing her back and snuggling with her!

Jeff & Becky with the grandparents

Each happy moment was followed by... you guessed it! Even more happy moments!

My boys, Depino & Reilly

These two were cracking themselves UP!

The Reilly's sharing the love

And THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is where I officially LOST IT! I was shooting them having the world's best father son hug and Jeff's sister Stacy and I were just BAWLING! I tried to hide it but as soon as I put my camera down she called me OUT! What a sweet sweet moment to witness as a friend, a Mom and a photographer... what set me off was picturing my little Jack hugging his Daddy-O on the night before his wedding and BAM!! I was a goner.

See you Friday my friend!

Steve and I were fortunate enough to be invited to our good friend and client Jeff Reilly's rehearsal dinner last night. It was wonderful meeting all of Jeff & Becky's friends and family before the wedding this Friday and Steve and I could not resist shooting during throughout the night...! Can't WAIT for Friday!


STEVE DePINO said...

great job on these!!!
This wedding is going to rock!
I have my whale pants all ironed up and ready to go :)

face first films said...

These pictures are have such an incredible eye for emotion!!! I love you and am so honored to have to shoot our wedding tomorrow. You are so talented and so lovely in every way.

Robin Dini Photography said...

man, you were right, that father son hug is so emotional to look at. i cannot wait to see these wedding images and hear all about it on Saturday ;)

Teresa Wagner said...

We missed you at the PUG! But it does seem that you had a good reason to miss. Great images, cant wait to c the wedding images.

CIAO Bella!

Patty said...

Oh Carla,
You made me cry when I viewed these pictures! Thank you so much. They are "on the mark" pictures of the happiness of my family that night and of the tender moments, too. These Irish guys (and girls!) are the best!
Love, Patty Reilly

Val McCormick Photography said...

Man Carla my husband always looks at me funny when I am reading your blog, couldn't be that they get me all filled up :-P Awesome shots. I can't wait to see their wedding story. Have fun and happy shooting :-)

Orchard Cove Photography said...

Have a GREAT time tonight - I know you guys will have a blast! I miss you!!!!!

daria said...

these are awesome, carla!
you really nailed the moments.

i got to hang out with your pal, amanda, yesterday and she is too much fun. although she wouldn't go out for pedicures because she just did that with you! i guess i'll have to go and find another g-friend to do that with.

anyway, i can't wait to finally meet you this summer!! yahoo!


p.s. "smitten" must be the blog word of the week because i just used that cute word on a post this morning.

Stacey Reilly said...

Carla my lady, these are gorgeous. I just adore you and had a fantastic time following you around wed. night. Can't wait to see you tonight! You think I was crying at the rehearsal...

Robert J. Trenske said...

Really beautiful shots Carla, I can wait to see how the wedding photos come out. Hope you are having a great weekend!

Bob Sylvia said...

Love that shot of Jeff and Pops hugging. Just the fact that you connect personally with the shots you are taking shows how much you really care about what you do.