Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So a few things. Finally, finally FINALLY my boy Mike set up a blog. And yes I am blowing up his spot by posting the link now because it's new and he hasn't really set it up yet how he wants it but I kinda feel like he needs a kick in the a$$ to get it going, no? So kick him please! Check it out HERE

Not to mention he is now graduating to having his VERY OWN blog label! He's a big boy now!

Now that wasn't the random part- so we were setting it up at my studio and went to this cool site for the snazzy NeoCounter I saw on my buddy Robert Norman's blog that I just had to have! I love it. So I bring Mike to their site so he can have his very own counter too and see MY site on THEIR site! Bizarre! But kinda cool!

you know you love how I just linked back to my site huh


laurie said...

you lost me at the first link...jk

carla ten eyck said...

oh BURN!!!

I just went back to their site (since I had not in fact refreshed it since I saw my grill on there...) and I was GONE!!

Guess I gotta stop trying to brag about myself huh!!

Amber said...

Now I have 2 blogs to check every 5minutes for pictures from Sunday's shoot. I can't wait...unless they suck and I look too drunk, then don't even post them :)


dorelies hofer said...

There are getting more and more blogs I really have to look every day, because all the shots are so great.
love from vienna