Friday, May 16, 2008

viva mexico por favor

A few short weeks back my family got to take like a bonifide R-E-A-L like in the movies type of real family vacation to the sunny, warm and lovely Playa del Carmen in Mexico! It was like a dream- sun, all-inclusive, HUGE beautiful resort, happy children, happy Mommy and Daddy...happy in-laws, happy sister and happy aunt! What else could a girl wish for?

The best part of the trip besides being in paradise? Reconnecting with my family and feeling like I was back in the fold again... Last summer was really hard, I had weddings every weekend and felt like I really missed out on my family time in a BIG way. I have vowed that this summer would be different, that I would at the very least hire out some help with the back end stuff to afford me some Mommy time with my chillins' and I have!! But you gotta love the crystal blue waters of the Mayan Riviera... the soft sand beaches... the unlimited tropical drinks.... ahhhhh

And...of COURSE I had to shoot the trip, how could I not? But. I did NOT bring my beloved D3, that bad boy was in lock down with the po-po stateside. I rocked my D200- and got back in touch with where it's taken me and how hard it's made me work! :) OK, enough total geek talk!

My guys looked like ducks, all trailing after their Daddy-o- all insisting on pulling their rolly bags like big kids.

My little guy Jack, with his beautiful lashes

There were hammocks everywhere. I mean EVERYWHERE. You could be walking along a path going to your room and BAM, a hammock! Just in case you want to rest.

By the water they had this cool kind of natural pool thing that when it was high tide the waves would just barely reach and flood it with sea water- the whole thing was sea water so it was this kind of contained little mini ocean for you to soak in. It was so freaking cool.

Jack's feet as he built sand sculptures

I have PROOF that my father in law can relax, if even for like one minute

Miss Georgie went to dinner with a comb stuck in her hair and refused to let anyone try to take it out. I had to work it out after she fell asleep in my lap

Dave and Jack yukking it up at one of the many open air bars

Super cute little G

Super sassafrass kids, guess they get a bit weary of me being all up in their grill with my glass

Those teeny dots on the beach are Jack and Georgie playing- this was the view from one of the places we could go eat, and this was the beach we spent a lotta time at- nice and calm- perfect for kids

c 10ike family portrait session

My little guy Jack Bibs checking out the view from this space needle type of thing in the eco park across the way from our resort, it's called Xcaret and it is SO COOL

Loving his lashes again. Also loving shooting this little monkey- I feel like I have been neglectful bc I shoot Georgie more since she is home with me more than Jack, so I was playing mad catch up on vacation.

Me and Dave shooting Jack after we got out of the coolest underground river system thing in Xcaret- it was like Indiana Jones-ish and beautiful all in one

My honey Dave checking out the view at the top of the park where there was an open air chapel

The kids were so cute, they both wanted to hold Dave's hand through the seat as the plane took off

Jack looking a little skeptical and a little cute during our flight

And right as we landed the little Miss, all crazy asleep

Georgie posing like a big girl after wearing Hauntie Donna's pretty hair clip

There were so many cool little nature paths the led you all over the property

Yes, she is my mini me

Cool mosaic on the bar that was right on the beach

This is how I get Jack to read my blog, him on a train!! He went BULLS**T over this run down little oddity in the park, it was like his most favorite part. Screw the cool underground river mom, there's a TRAIN!!!!

Little G's tootsie toes

can't wait to go back!


Jaime said...

Where do I sign up for a Ten Eyck vacation? Looks like a grande amount of fun. Did you have any Coco Locos poolside? I hope so.

Oh, that mini-me picture is absolutely uncanny.

Mary Marantz said...

omigosh!! I love them all!!! my favorite has to be G sleepin on the plane! looks like a blast!


laurie said...

okay so I need all that info it looks like a great family vacation! And I never thought there would ever be another Carla BUT after seeing that expression I could be wrong!

Dorelies said...

All of them are great. It just let's you dream of next holidays. Most of all I love the one with Georgia and the comb in her hair. That could happen to my Veronica too!! Also great the "family-portrait".

E. Broderick Photography said...

Awesome shots--and looks like a great time, indeed. The shot of Jack in the hammock is priceless. And the b+w of Georgie in her bikini is perfection. Glad you had a chance to get away, relax and play. You deserved it!


Val McCormick Photography said...

Looks like you had a much needed "FAMILY" vacation. I LOVED just about every photo it would be too hard to just choose one. Our kids have so much in common. The glass in the face constantly, lashes and the name "Jack". Hope to meet you soon :-)

daria said...

From one mwac (mom with a camera) to another...I can totally relate to your feelings of being an mia mom all summer. I hope to have a better summer with my family too!
Let me know how yours goes!

And whoa...that photo of your daughter with the comb stuck in her hair is priceless! As are the feet pics!

What a great time!


Amy Jacob said...

Forget all the pretty pictures... How 'bout the comb stuck in the hair. So Funny... In fact I just remembered that I've got a comb stuck in MY hair and I forgot to take it out. I better go do that now!

Robin Dini Photography said...

these are all so awesome. i feel like i went on the trip with you! the toes shots are great. carla and her feet shots! you father in law on the beach is awesome. he's just like my dad. he never stops putsin'

Teresa Wagner said...

WOW carla, awesome fun shots! Looks like you guys had some crazy fun.
Love your beautiful monkeys!