Saturday, May 31, 2008

eric + amber anniversary shoot

OK, here it is, FINALLY!! Sorry for the delay I am just catching my breath (barely) before running off to shoot with Steve Depino at The Branford House this fine Saturday afternoon! Let's see what the weather will do...!

Mike and I photographed the super hot couple that is Eric and Amber Langlois of the fabulous RAW Photo Design last weekend, the third of our Memorial Day Weekend Shooting Craziness. This was an anniversary shoot we did (as they are already married)! What's an anniversary shoot, you say? Well, it's basically an engagement shoot except that you are married! Well what's an engagement shoot, you say?

Well.... it's what Mike and I LOVE to shoot (in addition to the wedding, of course!) We always have SO much fun shooting these as they turn into such the photo adventure safari- sometimes we trespass, sometimes we eat, sometimes we get dirty as heck and we ALWAYS laugh and have a great time!

So we brought Eric and Amber to Mike's super double top secret location (which I will absolutely not go to without Mike, it's a little desolate and scary, to be honest...but I am a city girl and woods kind of freak me out!) But so totally worth the trip and armored guard ;)

Eric and Amber just heated up the place with their obvious chemistry- it was so nice to see two people, married with kids, mind you, be so into each other! So I focused on that, because people that is a beautiful thing!

We had a great time breaking Eric in (he has never been shot like this and was a little squirrely in the beginning, as we all are!) But in the end he warmed right up and I was able to get that intense-ness that is Eric to come out, along with his goofy side! Amber was quite a natural in front of the camera, I am sure it is due to the fact that her husband shoots her a ton!

Thanks for a great shoot, Mike and I had a great time!

There were so many textures and stuff, I felt like a cat in a sparkle factory, I was all distracted!

OK so these shots aren't all steamy, but he sure is cute!!

Interested in booking your own shoot? Give me a shout for pricing and availability, this season is almost booked solid so check for availability asap!

Make sure you check out Mike's killer shots HERE!

Friday, May 30, 2008

eric + amber (sneak peek TOO)

Mike is a jerk for posting a sneak peek before I'm ready to post my ENTIRE peek!! So I am forced to post a sneak too!

This was a super steamy shoot on day three of our shooting craziness! Very sultry, and very fun! We shot Eric from RAW Photo Design and his wife Amber for an anniversary shoot- akin to the engagement shoot but it's for married couples!

I will post more later, but Mike and I are going to New York City for a super duper e shoot- can you say MSG?? :)

And then I am shooting a wedding with Steve Depino on Saturday at the Branford House, I am really pumped I love that place and Steve and I always have a great time!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

kate + adam boston e shoot

I'm going out of order a bit in chronicling our Memorial Day Shooting Bonanza (sorry Eric & Amber!) but I am still working up your images but wanted to get these up ASAP! Kate and Adam are getting married next week at one of the coolest places for a wedding.... a SUMMER CAMP! You HEARD?? Yeah, I am beyond psyched about their wedding, I love quirky and I love me some s'mores! Not sure if they are rockin' those or not but there IS talk of a bonfire and all... so... hint hint! ;)

Well let's have ourselves a little serving of irony with our coffee this morning, shall we? So. At the second place we shot Kate asks me what my weirdest engagement shoot was to date. And I am like, huh. Huh. hmmmmm..... and couldn't really quantify anything as 'weird' per se, fun, heck YEAH! Adventuresome? Check! So I actually don't really have an answer... until the end of the night when I turn to them and say 'YOU guys are the weirdest engagement shoot to date!' I think I should have a trophy of some kind to award them, right?

OK, so this was the run-down: We get there (Boston, Cambridge really) and start our shoot with them in the coolest formal wear (that dress is SO cool) and it's all windy and it's doing some crazy fun flowy stuff; we rock a fire escape and a cool textured building that they love.
Then we go to a park where they used to take walks when they were all newly dating and stuff where Kate tells me a story about how she went trapeezing. OK. Yes, let's stop there, shall we?? Oh no, it gets better. She did this in a FURNITURE STORE! Random, party of one!! I'm like, WHAT? How are we NOT shooting that right now? (next time you go I am going with you!) So we hike up this MOUNTAIN I am in flip flops and carrying a 50 lb gear bag and huffing like a glue sniffing addict in a glue factory minus the buzz! It wasn't their fault that I am terribly out of cardio shape! ;) So we get to the top, kinda get lost, shoot some tower stuff, nice vistas etc.

Then we go out for ice cream and burgers at this awesome little place called 'Dairy Joy' it is DELICIOUS! Which is where we rock the ring shots and then see a cool aqua car that is all vintage and stuff, and inside I cry a little because Adam has this awesome little 1971 green mini cooper that he races but wasn't ready for the shoot- BUT it will be at the wedding!! I think it's the ring bearer or something! Can you just see the portraits Mike and I will rock in that?? So we do some fun shadow stuff on this car, then...

We decide we want to shoot in the grass somewhere and what better place to do that than the MIT campus, right? I know. So their campus is really cool, lots of modern architecture and neatness, we poke around, shoot, laugh etc. So then we are on the grass and Kate and Adam both bust into hand stands and start walking around... because THAT'S totally normal. I mean Mike and I also do that, we were just busy. Turns out they both are gymnasts and like, really really GOOD ones at that! So then Mike is all pumped and asks them to flip and do crazy stuff, so we go over to the astro turf field and shoot some fun stuff- Kate just bangs out a back flip! Adam is like spider-man!

As if we aren't done YET in the car Kate lets slip that she has a sequined dress!! I'm like, WHAT?? We HAVE to shoot you in that and we decide to utilize their cool Tonka truck lights and light them with that on the roof top of a parking garage with all of Boston aglow behind them...

At one point Adam was dancing in the background (bc of course we had music blaring at this point) with his racing helmet on. It was very surreal!!

The other interesting thing I learned was that Jessica Simpson's shoes are, truly in fact comfortable! Adam even agreed... although he wouldn't say how he knew...! :)

Mike and I had SO much fun with you guys and cannot wait for your wedding next week!

This dress is incredibly flowy and cool...and Kate was stunning in it!

This fire escape was cool but at first I wasn't sure how I was going to make it work- the light was so harsh on the front side of it and I knew I wanted to shoot through the back of it. I decided to expose for Adam's face and actually try and blow out the background a bit, giving a little more definition to the graphic black steps.It took some finagling but I really like the image we got, it's almost like I caught them having a moment.. ok a little papparazi-ish maybe but it's romantic!

The hike was worth it, this view is really pretty!

Rockin' the prom pose, circa 1987! Probably more like 2002...!

They really liked this odd little robot-esq tower and wanted to pretend it was attacking them! Very cute... :)

This car was awesome, loved the colors

Kate loves the chocolate dipped ice creams at Dairy Joy and something just clicked in my brain... HUH! RING SHOT!! Adam has an engagement ring too so it was doubly fun! Thanks for being good sports and letting me put your rings in this creamy goodness!

Just laying around talking about physics on the MIT campus. I started to feel smarter just by being there

Doesn't Adam look like Spider-Man here??

hot hot HAWT

Adam's car did a nice job of lighting them, don't you agree?

I busted out my video light and lit them from behind- I am glad that I got that thing rockin'!!

Make sure you check out Mike's super dope shots HERE! I saw them and they are INCREDIBLE!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

liz + pepsi fairfield e shoot

The second shoot of our Memorial Day Weekend Shooting Bonanza included the lovely Liz and dashing Pepsi showing us a crazy good time! I knew it was going to be fun when they suggested we shoot at Archie Moore's... known for their delicious wings! My mouth is watering just typing this.... So I was all over this, as was Mike, big shocker that the two of us would be excited about starting off a shoot with wings and beers!! Huh.
And yes, comment on about the irony of the fact that Pepsi is called Pepsi and Archie Moore's is COVERED in Coke stuff! Go on! Do it! I am a dope, I can admit this freely and when I actually sat there and realized this I busted out laughing at how dumb I am! Pepsi is such a good sport and laughed openly at me as well, it's not hard to do!
OK, the best part? He WORKS at Pepsi too! Really! OK now I will move on.

But seriously? Those wings were SOOOOO yummy....! Just look at 'em

On our way to the train station there was this wall, right? Right? RIGHT!!! Very cool! OK so I was laying on the ground to get a shot and on my way up banged myself in the face, like, really really hard and gave myself a black eye! Honest! And yes Mike caught a shot of it. It STILL hurts! And, no I am not talking about the shame of being caught doing something so stupid. I am referring to my eye. thank you for your concern.

I am starting to feel train-obsessed like my little guy Jack! I love incorporating trains in my shots! Again, it's how I bring my blog stats up by getting Jack to read my blog!

I think I may have figured out my flare recipe, smaller apertures give me these super crazy hexagon shapes and a more wide open lens gives me the kind you see a bit further down on the beach.... I think.... I am sure the angle of the sun also plays a part but those are the two consistent technical factors involved. Sorry I'm getting all scientific on you now! The lens that yields the best flare for me is my 50mm 1.4 Nikon lens. Although I did get some crazy stuff with my 14-24 2.8 nano glass hoo ha crazy lens from Nikon that I got for my D3... so put that in your pipe and shoot into the sun with it!

Blue blue blue skies...

See? This is the crazy little shape I lectured on earlier, I like it.

There is something about putting the sun right THERE, smack in their faces that really appeals to me- keeps that anonymity thing going on that I dig, like see/ it could be YOU in this shot, just picture it! Go on! Yes, I could get them perfectly rimmed with light and yes you could see all of the detail etc. but here I wanted to do something different and I think it works nicely!

We all braved the cold water for the sake of cool shots. Yes, I was in the water too!

I really loved the sand bar texture and wanted to try something a little different here

And you have to shoot on the life guard tower! Especially with all of these clouds....

Mike and I are really looking forward to your St. Clement's wedding (so that Mike could get all teary eyed re-living his own wedding there!) and the traditional Laotian Ceremony the night before, that should be really cool!!

Thanks guys for a great time!

Mike also posted some incredible shots, you can check them out HERE